condredirect(1)           User Commands           condredirect(1)

     condredirect - perhaps redirect mail to another address

     in .qmail:  |condredirect newaddress program [ arg ... ]

     condredirect feeds each new mail message to program with the
     given  arguments.  If program exits 0, condredirect forwards
     the mail message  to  newaddress,  and  then  exits  99,  so
     further commands in .qmail are ignored.

     If program exits 111, condredirect exits  111,  so  delivery
     will be retried later.

     If program exits anything else (or  does  not  exist),  con-
     dredirect  exits  0, so the rest of .qmail will be processed
     as usual.

     Note that it is not safe for program to fork  a  child  that
     reads the message in the background.

     dot-qmail(5), qmail-command(8), qmail-queue(8)

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