qlist(1)                  User Commands                  qlist(1)

     qlist - handle mailing list subscription requests

     in .qmail-list-request:
     |qlist user-list@host user-list-request@host
     .qmail-list .qmail-list-request .qtemp-list
     owner [ moreinfo ]
     (all on one line)

     qlist manages a qmail mailing list.

     When qlist receives a message, it looks through the body  of
     the  message  for commands.  WARNING: qlist looks for a com-
     mand only at the beginning of  a  line.   Exception:   qlist
     also looks at Subject lines.

     qlist supports two commands.  SUBSCRIBE adds a new subscrip-
     tion  to  the  mailing list; UNSUBSCRIBE removes a subscrip-
     tion.  qlist looks  for  the  subscription  address  in  the
     Reply-To, From, or Return-Path fields in the message.

     qlist inserts an acknowledgment  of  each  action  it  took,
     along  with general help instructions, into the message.  It
     then forwards the message to the subscription address,  with
     a copy to owner.

     qlist's general help instructions identify user-list@host as
     the  address  of the mailing list, user-list-request@host as
     the address of qlist itself, and owner as the address of the
     mailing list owner.  If moreinfo is supplied, it is inserted
     into the middle of the  instructions,  surrounded  by  blank

     qlist maintains its address list in .qmail-list, so mail  to
     user-list  will  be  forwarded to each subscription address.
     While qlist is editing .qmail-list,  it  locks  .qmail-list-
     request.  It uses .qtemp-list as a temporary file.

     Note that qlist only manipulates  lines  beginning  with  an
     ampersand;  if you manually add an address without an amper-
     sand, it cannot be removed by qlist.

     qlist automatically sets the execute bit on  qmail-list,  so
     qmail-local  will ignore any program or file instructions in

     dot-qmail(5), envelopes(5), qmail-queue(8)

SunOS 5.5                 Last change:                          1